Goblin Blacksmith is a Hardmode NPC that can reforge tools or weapons to a certain modifier that player can set. be aquired by transforming Goblin Tinkerer with a Magical Anvil Amulet. He sells some new items but also all items that Goblin Tinkerer does.


  • Ghostly Hook (2 Platinum Coins) - The best hook in the game that stretches for 50 tiles and glows very brightly, though it pulls you extremely slowly.
  • Bar (75 Gold Coins) - The most expensive bar in the game. Used for crafting valuable items and glows brightly when placed.
  • Forge (30 Platinum Coins) - A forge that makes 2 bars from the same amount of ore, and also it is used for crafting 3 new ultimate accessories.

How to aquire himEdit

Goblin Blacksmith can be aquired by transforming Goblin Tinkerer with a Magical Amulet.

He needs a room with a Cobalt Anvil to live in.

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