Hunger is a mechanic in Cavamine, involving food and exhaustion. Every time you do an action, such as Jumping, Walking or Sprinting, your exhaustion points go down. After ten points have gone down you loose on point of hunger - a quarter of an icon. There is no way to see your current exhaustion level until you have the Fluffy Pillow , a hard mode accessory, which then shows your exhaustion points in the bottom left corner of the screen.

You start with five hunger icons, meaning 100 hunger points. This is identical to Mana, Health and Thirst. Throughout the game, you can get this to a total of 5000 hunger points, 500 times more than you currently have. This is done by finding Golden Plates found underground or in chests, just like Ruby Hearts , Mana Stars and Golden Tears .

When your hunger goes below 5%, you get the Starved debuff, which slows Movement Speed and lowers Attack Damage and Defense, along with halving your chances of getting a Critical Hit

Eating food items, will increase your hunger and prevent you getting the Star debuff. In the release of Cavamine there is scheduled to be Twenty-Three food items, five of which are hard mode only. The food items are;

Raw Lamb

Cooked Lamb

Raw Beef

Cooked Beef

Raw Chicken

Cooked Chicken

Raw Pork

Cooked Pork

Raw Venison

Cooked Venison

Berries (Blueberries, and Raspberries)










Primson Berries

Gold Apple

Golden Carrot

Golden Potato