Sygil is a boss that can spawn between 7:15 PM in-game time and 8:00 PM. It will stay summoned until the player defeats it or dies.

Body PartsEdit

Sygil's chest is the only part of the boss's body that must be killed in order for its defeat; in fact, the other five are invincible. However, the other five have circles on them that must be clicked and drawn upon with the Duskink Pen. A different symbol will appear on each for the player to copy. If they get the sign 75% or more correct, the body part's lights will go out. Once all five body parts (two arms, two legs, and a head) have had their sigils deactivated, the chest will become vulnerable.

Deactivating SigilsEdit

Sygil's must be deactivated by copying the pattern on them. The Duskink Pen is used for this purpose. However, while the player is drawing, the boss will also be trying to attack them, and they have no real means of defense. This makes deactivating the sygils quite hard.

Main BodyEdit

When the main body is vulnerable, a red circle will light up in the middle of it. This signifies that the boss can be killed. The player must attack the red circle to kill the boss.

Effects of sigils breakingEdit

  • First sigil broken (arm): +25% attack speed (the message "The sigil weighing down Sygil's arm has broken..." will appear)
  • Second sigil broken (arm): +25% attack damage (the message "Sygil's fury is being unleashed..." will appear)
  • Third sigil broken (leg): +25% movement speed (the message "Sygil's legs have been unbound..." will appear)
  • Fourth sigil broken (leg): Sygil will begin levitating (the message "The sigil capping Sygil's rockets has broken..." will appear)
  • Fifth sigil broken (head): Sygil will begin firing beams of energy out of its eyes (the message "Sygil feels the need to defeat this powerful enemy..." will appear)
  • Chest killed: Sygil dies

A message will appear after Sygil's death, given line by line.

Sygil was an ancient automaton, made by the deities of old. However, it was far too powerful, too destructive, to roam free. The deities and their subjects, the players, captured Sygil and placed five seals on it. They could only be unlocked by a special pen's ink, locked away in a cave, and powerful arcane symbols. If an adventurer wished to defeat Sygil, they would face its full fury, having to break all these seals that bound its power.


  • Sygil bears a strong resemblance to Gaius, a boss from the game Shadow of the Colossus.