Humanoid - good all rounder Troll - high hp Ogre - high attack Night elf - height speed Werewolf - high health regen during night, weaker at day Vampire - can fly at night, attack NPC'S for their health, some monsters are afraid of you, but high damage if not under blocks during day.

-Open to more suggestions

Monsters and bosses - have to meet certain requirements eg - killing them this amount of times, or beating them with this weapon or finishing them off within this time limit.

Classes Witch/Warlock - can craft potions with money or high mana cost Rotherham than collecting ingredients Emvironmentalists - environment and Mother Nature helps character with some quests and fishing Alchemist - special potions to craft Warlord - overall attack is boosted Robin Hood - almost all bow related attacks will land critical hits

Again - open to new ideas.

Boss ideas

Hear no evil - earless cyclops, throws boulders at you and has servants (maybe his children or smaller brethren) have sticks and short swords. See no evil - blindfolded statue, high defence and rolls everywhere, trying to crush everything Speak no evil - lots of servants with far ranged guns, and he has a giant sword

Ranks King - the best of the best in a survival world. Help him enough with his quest and you'll become one as well. If the kingdom revolts, you become a peasant again, when you are king, everyone is critical against everything you do.

Lords, Nobles - aids to the kning, kind most favored people, get paid high wages in return for helping king wage wars against other monsters. If you lose a battle, you become peasant, closer to becoming king, harder the battles are

Knights - fight alongside your noble during a battle, if you lose you become a peasant.

Peasant, have a knight as a brother, help him with some quests, and he'll help you

Still open to new ideas

Special NPC's

Cannibal - teaches art of cannibalism, gives you body parts as special boosters (eg: hand - climb up wall faster, foot - jump higher or double jump. To unlock you have to kill enough monsters, NPC's and other players on PVP Boss brothers - come and helps you through the game like a pet when your character is one of the boss types, teaches you boss abilities, to unlock you have to have that boss as your race.


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