The King of the Elementals
Some attributes
First Health: 50,000
Second Damage: 80
Third Defense: 65
Other attributes
Fourth Drops
Fifth The Charm of the Elementals: 3 (100%)
Sixth Only one of the following will drop, and one of the following will always drop
Seventh The Sword of the Elementals (25%)
Eighth The Staff of the Elementals (25%)
Ninth The Life-Stealer of the Elementals (25%)
Tenth The Shooter of the Elementals (25%)
Eleventh The King of the Elementals Trophy (50%)
The King of the Elementals is a Hard Mode boss that is summoned by using a Lost Crown anytime or can spawn naturally if you have 5,000 life, 15 NPCs, and 50 defense. The message for when it spawns naturally is Your reign over (Name of World) is drastically decreasing... Note that The King of the Elementals cannot be killed by a minion, but he can still be damaged by them. Say if he has 4 health left, then a minion that does 5 damage attacks him, instead of killing him, he'll have 1 health left.

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